Business Consultations:  Have you ever had a business idea and not know if it is worth the time and effort?  Either a new business or an established business could often use the ear of another professional willing to “white board” their idea, determine the execution of this idea, and establish the foundation for this idea.  TSG is here to talk things through with you, that extra ear.

TSG will also assist you understanding which business organization is right for you; LLC, Partnership, Corporation is right for you.  Filing your paperwork with the State in addition to your DBA when needed. 

TSG will set-up the proper accounts with the correct taxing agencies, we will determine which banking options make the best sense for your business, and how to properly save for employee salary, monthly taxes and the businesses’ financial future.

Real Estate Investments:  At The Sojo Group you will find licensed Realtors in the state of NC on staff ready to provide expert knowledge in Selling, Buying and Investments.  Our expert knowledge and personal care assist sellers understand the overall process of selling their home which is more than putting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard.  Assisting and guiding buyers, first time or second, or third - our goal is to make the experience like your first each time.  The financial impact and gain with purchasing investment properties is rewarding for the investor either for long term investment (landlords) or short term (flippers).  Our expert knowledge and bi-lingual team will walk you through step by step.

Billing & Collections:  The concept of the Extended Business Office is to be an extension of your business office.  This concept allows for a reduction of areas within your business allowing for improvements such as:

Overhead reduction
Cash flow improvement
Customer retention improvement
Decrease A/R or bad debt expense
Revenue cycle improvement
Personnel concerns
Administrative processes

Human Resource Management

Payroll Solutions:  One of the most exhausting areas of time for any business owner.  TSG has the ability of logging into your time clock software and pulling the appropriate timesheets needed to file payroll.

We work with you directly to ensure that your employees have completed all onboarding documents properly and timely. 

Proper record keeping and regulated time periods are discussed for said records.
Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payroll processed according to your employee handbook or guidelines. 
Monthly, quarterly and annual filing and paying of payroll taxes.

Accounting Management:  our Bookkeepers specialize in an array of industries.  Our expert knowledge in the Restaurant Industry, Real Estate Industry and General Services Industry provides for ultimate outcomes.

Dedicated Account Manager & Bookkeeper

Playing Catch-Up: Being behind on your books is common.  Many business owners feel they can tuck a receipt into a box or create a QuickBooks account and that their system will do the work for you.  We are experts in this arena.  We quickly discover what caused the back bookkeeping and remedy the situation, having you fully up to date within a week.

CPA Ready:  Our goal is to provide you with expert bookkeeping services while working directly with your specific CPA.  This only strengthens your business relationship with your CPA allowing for a more seamless transition during tax season.  Our company has a wide range of CPA referrals where we encourage our clients to find the perfect match with not only their business, but them personally as well.

Sales & Use Tax Solutions:  Reviewing and understanding if your business should charge sales tax is not an easy feat.  We will review your county’s Sales & Use Directive which outlines whether your industry must charge Sales & Use tax and for what services.

TSG will analyze your Sales & Use report and determine, file and pay your monthly tax to ensure proper adherence.​


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