Many Small Business owners do not have the capital available to hire full-time employees to do part-time work.  Finding part-time employees with the experience and skills needed?  Not an easy task.  Overhead cost should not be the reason you are unable to hire a professional to give your company the personal and polished look it deserves.

The Sojo Group, LLC is unique because we understand the basics of how small businesses operate.   Understanding daily operations by understanding your company, your organization, and your industry.  Our experiences are unique and our professionalism exceptional. 

Our clients truly experience the freedom they need.  We take on daunting tasks such as hiring & firing, client complaint calls, collections, letter maintenance, insurance renewal, appointment maintenance, and more.  You know your strengths and weaknesses but most importantly you know those tasks that just make you cringe - that's when you call us!

Small Business owners do NOT have time for ANYTHING and need EVERYTHING.  As a small business owner you wear every hat in and out of your business and we are here to ease the pain.  Our goal is simple, to save you money and time.

You do not have to pay hundreds of dollars monthly to outside vendors who bill a standard price for work that fluctuates monthly and may take only a few minutes or less than a few hours.  You do not have to hire someone who requires a higher pay due to the amount of work you need done, or think you need done.  Putting processes in place and making goals is all it takes.

We count minutes, not hours.  We bill for the actual and factual time spent working with you and on your business.  You need to be able to trust that your monthly invoice is going to reflect the actual job done and not the "industry standard".  

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